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Chef Chris Schlesinger on fiery foods and Inner Beauty Hot Sauce

Chef Chris Schlesinger joins the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Chris was born and raised in Virginia, where he first developed his love for barbecue, spicy food, and live fire cooking.

Schlesinger has won multiple James Beard Awards for Best Chef of the Northeast, and he put Boston on the map for chiliheads in the 80's with his Inner Beauty Hot Sauce and the Hell Nights put on at his restaurant.

Chris' first restaurant, East Coast Grill in Cambridge, Mass opened in 1986 with a focus on big, spicy flavors inspired by his Virginia BBQ roots and love for Caribbean food. The East Coast Grill quickly went on to be the capital for chiliheads in the North East with its eclectic vibe and renowned fiery dishes like meatball roulette (one meatball filled with ghost peppers) and Pasta from Hell (their hottest). 

Chris Schlesinger has been an inspiration to many and has shared so many tips and lessons through his award winning cookbooks like Thrill of the Grill. It was an honor be named in the same article in Edible Boston about peppers and hot sauce in the Northeast:


Besides talking about the fire from peppers, we'll also get some tips about grilling and balancing spice, heat and flavor when creating sauces and dishes.


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