Sabarac - Japanese Miso


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About the Sauce: A rich mix of fermented chillies and traditional Japanese flavors is bolstered by the umami undertones of locally sourced Australian red flava bean miso paste. The combination of flavors and textures give rise to a rollercoaster experience of hot, salty, sour and earthy. 

Uses: This Japanese Miso Fermented Hot Sauce is perfect as an addition to any Japanese dish including gyoza, sashimi or simply over steamed rice.

Heat: Medium

Ingredients: birds eye chilli, carrot, capsicum, red flava bean miso, daikon, shallot, sea salt, ginger, garlic, rice wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, mirin

Size: 5 oz

Maker Story: Featured on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast, is Geoff Baker, founder of the Australian fermented hot sauce company, Sabarac. Geoff got hooked creating unique and flavorful fermented hot sauces after a simple question from a cook.

On the podcast episode linked here Geoff gives an introduction to making fermented hot sauce and shares some of the nuances that keep Geoff excited about the endless possibilities with fermented sauces. 

Vendor: Sabarac