Sabarac - Fermented Watermelon


About the Sauce: If you love the taste of watermelon, this very well could be your forever hot sauce! When tasting this sauce you get the watermelon tones to start, moving through sour before it ends with a gentle warmth from the cayenne peppers, almost like a warm hug from your grandma!

UsesMake buffalo wings with a difference using this sauce, it also pairs extremely well with prawn dumplings and gyoza.

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: cayenne, watermelon juice, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, xantham gum

Size: 5 oz

Maker Story: Featured on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast, is Geoff Baker, founder of the Australian fermented hot sauce company, Sabarac. Geoff got hooked creating unique and flavorful fermented hot sauces after a simple question from a cook.

On the podcast episode linked here Geoff gives an introduction to making fermented hot sauce and shares some of the nuances that keep Geoff excited about the endless possibilities with fermented sauces. 

Vendor: Sabarac