Sabarac - Goblin's Breath


About the Sauce: Fresh and grilled padron peppers are fermented with smoked green jalapeños, grilled lime and coriander root. The finished sauce is zesty with fresh floral tones and a hint of earthiness. The heat of the chillies pop toward the end, allowing you to experience the pure flavor of the sauce.

Uses: Add a splash to chimichurri sauce for a fresh kick. This sauce will pair well with grilled fish and Mexican cuisine.

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: padron pepper, chipotle verde, lime, salt, coriander root

Size: 5 oz

Maker Story: Featured on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast, is Geoff Baker, founder of the Australian fermented hot sauce company, Sabarac. Geoff got hooked creating unique and flavorful fermented hot sauces after a simple question from a cook.

On the podcast episode linked here Geoff gives an introduction to making fermented hot sauce and shares some of the nuances that keep Geoff excited about the endless possibilities with fermented sauces. 

Try the sauce and then let us know how you would describe this sauce in three words.

Vendor: Sabarac