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Peppers are in and new hot sauces being created - September 2021

Hey there,

Happy Harvest Season! There is so much excitement and growth with hot sauce and chili peppers this time of year. Have you been trying anything new or exciting of late? I’m always interested in hearing about cool peppers or favorite recipes that crop up! Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks of what I've been making and picking!

pictures of buckets of mash  rheza macedonia pepper in garden

I got started down my journey of hot sauce during in the harvest season of 2014. I grew habaneros and ghost peppers that were too hot to eat, so I tried making my own hot sauce.


It ended up being really good, but nothing close to what I expected! I'd really encourage you to try making your own hot sauce for fun. I wrote an article about some tips and suggestions for coming up with a recipe, that has lots of room for creativity and using what's available around you. Try it out here!


Many of our newsletter subscribers know that cooking my batch of hot sauce then prompted me to start a blog and podcast on, and then a few years later in 2017, my own hot sauce company, Craic Sauce. A Boston area journalist interviewed me and covered our spicy journey last week. You can read "Let's get craic-in with Craic Sauce" here!


With the change of the seasons I usually have a bit a shift in my hot sauce consumption so here are a few sauces I’ve been digging!


If you don't know if you're looking forward to fall or trying to hang on to summer, Trini Pepper Sauce is the hot sauce to embrace both seasons! 


Fruity with papaya and culantro, and then followed by a warming scotch bonnet heat, this Caribbean hot sauce is perfect for soups & stews. It comes in the original and hot version!


I've been crushing Rhed's, a new craft hot sauce stocked on CraftHotSauce from Rhode Island. Deja and Karsten (pictured to the right with Brian) bring their SoCal and Louisiana influences into their hot sauce. Check out their collection on our site.


In the specific mood for something? 


We built Peppi, a hot sauce sommelier in training to help you find the perfect hot sauce for you.


Chat with him here, to explore sauces right up your alley!


We'll be a bit quiet for the next couple weeks, as I'll be celebrating my nuptials! And yes, I made a wedding hot sauce to celebrate the occasion! Fermented Aji dulces, raspberries, kiwi and wild rose infused vinegar. Sorry I can't share it with you, but thanks for reading and being a part of the awesome craft hot sauce community!


Talk to ya later!


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