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Building a flavor packed and diverse hot sauce collection - August 2021

Hey there, 

Hope you’re having a relaxing summer!  Today we’re recovering from a busy month where we met hundreds of people somewhere along their journey of exploring hot sauces across 25 farmers markets and festivals here in New England.

While talking to customers about potential uses of hot sauces, I realized that we had strongly opinionated theories about how to properly craft your own hot sauce collection that I needed to share with you!

Chief among those opinions is the idea that you need to have a diverse range of hot sauces for every purpose, consisting of your most used everyday hot sauces, unique hot sauces, and sauces to fill in the gaps of heat and flavor.

Check out our whole post here and let us know if you agree with us or not!

hot sauce collection in fridge

Curated Starter Collection

Based on the blog post, we added our biggest and most customized product to date on the Craft Hot Sauce Shop! The curated starter collection of craft hot sauces consists of 9 hot sauces created by makers on our site, and we’ll customize your selection based on your responses after taking our flavor quiz. 

curated hot sauce collection

NEWKS Hot Sauce Release

If you’re searching for new super flavorful everyday sauces with unique ingredients, look no further than our newest product NEWKS! Jake Newcomb, founder of Newks Hot Sauce, shared his story of founding their Portland, Oregon-based hot sauce line in 2019. Their first creation, the ‘Kinda Mild’ pepper sauce, blends together Bananas, Habaneros, and Agave Nectar, giving the recipe an original twist to a fruit based habanero hot sauce. Their line also features flavors like their smokey chipotle sauce, groovy green sauce, and elderfire mango sauce. Check out their story and sauces here

Fxcking Hot Sauce

Another hot sauce company that shared their story with the Craft Hot Sauce community this month is Fxcking Hot Sauce, based out of Dallas, Texas. Always a lover of flavor and spice, founder Cole Moulton decided to take the plunge and launch his three sauce lineup during the pandemic.

Since then, Fxcking Hot Sauce has wow-ed customers and made waves in the Texas hot sauce scene with their sauces made from slow smoked and fermented peppers and ingredients. Read the Fxcking Hot Sauce story here.

Rhed's Hot Sauce

We’re also pleased to share our first maker story from the Ocean State of Rhode Island! Rhed’s Sauces were inspired from the combined California and Louisiana backgrounds of the co-founders, Deja and Karsten. All sauces feature natural and fresh ingredients, and all are made with an aged chili mash to add naturally fermented peppers with a whole lot of flavor. Read about how Deja and Karsten turned their homemade recipes into award-winning sauces and a full time venture here.

Be well and have a great August! 

Talk soon, 


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