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How to build your own hot sauce collection

  • 3 min read

Our Hot Sauce Philosophy

Here at Craft Hot Sauce, our philosophy is simple: hot sauce can and should be used with every single meal! That said, don’t limit yourself to one hot sauce. My favorite part of having a hot sauce collection is the variation of uses and flavors when hot sauce and food come together!

For those who are building up their hot sauce shelf in their fridge, we have some thoughts on optimizing your collection for flavor, enjoyment and variety.

Our collection formula consists of three hot sauce categories: everyday hot sauces, unique hot sauces, and then the heat spectrum hot sauces.

Everyday Hot Sauces

Everyone needs to have at least 2 to 3 everyday hot sauces that are versatile and can be trusted for the majority of your meals. In New Mexico restaurants they ask you “Red or Green?” referring to if you want red chili or green chili. I say Christmas, because I love both, so I personally look to have a mild flavorful verde, a classic medium heat red, and something that lines up in my optimal flavor and heat profile, like roasted ghost pepper or habanero sauces. 

We know everyone is different, so we created a questionnaire to match you with some hot sauces that are likely to be your everyday favorites. Take the quiz and find your everyday sauces here.

every day hot sauces


Unique Hot Sauces

In addition to everyday or every meal hot sauces, it’s good to have a few unique and special sauces on reserve. These hot sauces are on your top shelf. You might only use them for a couple meals a week, but when you create a marinade, order sushi, or roast squash, you gotta use this unique hot sauce. 

When you discover these interesting food and hot sauce combinations, you have the power to blow friends' minds, introducing them to these new spicy, unique, and savory flavors they have never tasted before!

Some examples of hot sauces that have the ability to create these new unique flavors are Hab Sauce’s Spicy Soy Sauce, Craic Sauce’s Golden Pumpkin and Brian Boru’s Curry, and Bombanana. There are many possibilities, so it’s fun to browse and dream up unique hot sauce and food combinations.

unique hot sauces purple haze on pancakes


Rounding out your hot sauce collection

While you may think you got your favorites figured out, tastes will change, especially when you're continually bringing up your tolerance for heat after using hot sauce on every meal. We encourage you to slide up and down the heat scale by always making sure you have a mild sauce for times you want flavor without the heat. It’s also important to have something for guests that are getting introduced to craft hot sauce, but might not have built their heat tolerance and  adventuresome spirit to your level yet. 

We also are big believers in lighting up your mouth to get that tingling sensation and add some capsaicin-sourced endorphins to your morning eggs or late night burrito! Make sure to always have a mild and super hot hot sauce on stock.

mild and super hot hot sauces


Setting up your hot sauce collection

Hot sauce choices are always changing, as should your exploration of craft hot sauces. We hope you live out our philosophy of using hot sauce on every meal, and we would love to hear which sauces are your go-tos, what unbelievable unique hot sauce and food combination you love to whip out, and what sauces lie on both ends of your heat spectrum. 

Try out our curated collection box and take our flavor personality quiz so we can provide you with some custom personalized recommendations. Good luck!

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