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Revved Up Hot Sauce Story

Written by Revved Up Hot Sauce Owner Rebecca Light

I have always been a big fan of hot sauce from when I can remember. I have memories of getting gifts from my friends of hot sauce from all their travels, dragging my friends to hot sauce conventions so we can try them all day long, and embarrassing my friends as I take my travel size sauces out of my purse when the restaurant didn’t have any. I remember my work would have hot sauce in the cupboard for everyone to use, but I went through them so fast, I would secretly buy more and restock so no one knew I was the one eating it all! Guilty or not, I am a hot sauce fanatic. 

I found myself using hot sauces as an easy way out when it came time to cook because it's quick and doesn't require much effort to add to any meal- but that meant my taste buds were getting too tired of bland food without any spices in them! After trying all different types of dishes with spicy peppers, I realized that we need both heat AND flavor so we can enjoy our meals.

That's why I created Revved Up hot sauces, a saucy solution to the problems we face when it comes to actually enjoying our meals. By providing inspiration on how to use each flavor, found on the back of every label, we’ve prevented any disappointment in finding out that you're having another boring meal. We have a sauce for any course!

Rebecca Light behind Revved Up Hot Sauces

My background is in graphic design and marketing, so I worked with a co-packer who helped with the recipes to create the flavors and peppers that I wanted! I wanted a collection where flavor came before heat and one in which there was a range in heat levels. I wanted to include a variety of peppers that I liked, such as peri-peri which I discovered when I studied abroad in South Africa for five months and cayenne, which was my number one favorite pepper on my list after sampling sauces at the conventions. I wanted to add Serrano because I think it is my most versatile sauce, and it is an underrated pepper. Overall, while I personally am not the maker of my sauces, I have worked hard in creating this collection, and I have designed the labels, boxes, merchandise, and website while being the sole marketer and creative employee of Revved Up!

My day-to-day work includes waking up to do yoga, and then I start by fulfilling orders, answering emails and phone calls, buckling up my dog in the car to drop off packages at the post office, attending workshops and seminars online, creating and then batching my social media posts and email marketing, contacting wholesalers and engaging with customers, bookkeeping, organizing, and wearing every hat imaginable to run a business! On weekends I am counting inventory, trying a new recipe, or making a new video, or I am at pop up events selling my sauce! 

When not working with Revved Up, I am freelancing as a graphic designer for several clients around the country. And in my free time, I like kayaking, hiking, painting, and traveling with my camera and hot sauce!

Revved Up Hot Sauce Sandwich on Craft Hot Sauce

I hope to have Revved Up hot sauces in homes and shelves around the country! I want people to know Revved Up as the brand that made them enjoy food again! I want Revved Up to be the new salt. Without it, your food is bland. Too much of it, you ruined your food. But with the right amount, you will never want to eat your food without Revved Up hot sauce again. 

Revved Up is a small company that wants to help you shake up your kitchen with a collection of hot sauces that provide flavor before heat. Whether you need a spicy kick to a traditional flavored dish or are looking for something new and different, we have just the sauce for you. If it's been awhile since your last spice run, this is just what you need to renew that thrill of experimenting in your own kitchen again. Our original six flavors include: Jalapeño, Serrano, Pineapple Bomb, Southern Style, Spicy Cayenne, and Peri-Peri Ghost.

Revved Up Selling Hot Sauce at the Farmers Market

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