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Hot Heads Official Story

Written by Hot Heads Founder Tim Myers

Tim Myers, founder of Hot Heads Official, has always loved to create. From drawing in school through his younger years to crafting his current line of hot sauces under Hot Heads Official, Tim has always shown a knack for creativity. And while his passion for creating has always been with him, hot sauce has not. A few years ago, while struggling with boredom at his then day job, Tim looked to exercise his DIY skills in a new way and took to the kitchen. Tim became captured by the craft beer scene, and he began brewing his own at home. After working to better his homebrew, entering contests, and meeting like-minded people through his newfound passion, Tim found fulfillment in making something of his own and inspiration to try for more. Like many others, it wasn’t long for Tim to draw the connection between the world of craft beer and the world of craft hot sauce. As he says himself, the makers in the two industries thrive on constantly trying new things, refusing to follow rules, and collaborating with others. These similarities pushed Tim to begin making his own hot sauce at home just three years ago.

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In a short time, Tim and the Hot Heads Official brand have come a long way. He currently has a line of 12 hot sauces, ranging from the mild Fresno pepper-based Hawaiin Express to the super hot Scoville Scalé featuring 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion peppers. While a line of 12 sauces is impressive for any brand, Tim’s offerings don’t stop there. His website also sells his unique and original spice blends, hot pretzels, spicy stroopies, and hot candied nuts. In addition to managing all facets of the business, Tim is also working around five farmers’ markets a week to meet customers and market his brand. Oh, and he’s also growing a lot of peppers. I mean a lot.

Small Green Potted Plants Under A Purple Light

The process Tim has for growing peppers is fascinating, and he was able to share a number of lessons he’s learned along the way from planting pepper seeds to churning out sauce. One of the most important tips he touched on is that you can’t start planting early enough, and you can’t plant too many peppers. Tim’s pepper garden has grown exponentially since he started. The first year he started, Tim grew 5 plants. Two years later, he did 640 plants, and this year, he estimates he’s eclipsed the 1,000 marker. He spoke on the difficulty with finding many of the rare peppers he uses in his sauces, which is why he plants more than enough to guarantee he has them on hand. He also discussed logistics with processing and freezing, using heat mats, and determining when to begin planting.

Tim Myers Eating A Hot Pepper

Another hallmark of Tim’s brand lies in collaborations. More than a few Hot Heads Official products are collaborations with other brands, which opens the opportunity for each company to spread awareness of the other and introduce their unique customer base to a new product. Tim collaborated with Smoke & Pickles Artisan Butcher Shop to create his cold smoked Hickory Habanero sauce, the Stroopie Co. to make his spicy stroopwafel, Sweet G’s Bakery to power his hot candied nuts and hot pretzels, and finally Rob Coleman of 7 Pot Club to make his extra hot Scoville Scalé sauce. Rob’s YouTube channel informed Tim on all things chili pepper and hot sauce when he began his journey. Looking ahead, Tim is working with a local honey company, Honey Bee Friendly, to create a line of hot honeys and other products.

It’s safe to say that Tim is a very busy man, and Hot Heads Official is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Tim’s story as a hot sauce aficionado-turned-entrepreneur is inspiring to say the least, proving that even in a short amount of time, the right amount of passion and creativity can create wonderfully unique and hot products for everyone to enjoy.

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