Clamlube Hot Sauce Story

April 19, 2016

woodys original clamlube hot sauce

Written by Clamlube Hot Sauce Owner Mike


We are "Woody's Original Clamlube Brand Hot Sauce... a new hot sauce company with a current line of flavor based hot sauces that have already won 2nd place at Zest Fest 2016 for Best Logo, Best Taco Sauce and a Golden Chili award for Best Label.

We started the company in the fall of 2015, using the base for our recipes from Woody Clamlube, our partner out in California.  We met Woody at a wedding about four years ago, when he was introducing everyone at the reception to his homemade sauce.  We contacted Woody over the summer in 2015 and discussed marketing his sauce along with creating some of our own.  We have taken Woody's original recipe and worked into something very different, focusing on the Flavor based approach that is now known to Clamlube Flavor Zealots (that's what you are called when addicted to our sauce) around the country.

We are unique in our approach because we concentrate more on flavor first, then the Chile Peppers that will enhance the flavors we are focused on, to create new and different types of sauces not found in this industry.  Most other Hot Sauce Company owners who have tasted our sauces tell us they are very good, they really like them, and they have not tasted anything like them before.  Again, very unique.  Our slogan is "Mindfully Sourced and Artfully Concocted".  We take a lot of pride using the freshest and most natural ingredients as possible.  We are very particular of what goes into our sauces and are proud of it.

Our original Clamlube "Xtra Virgin” is made with pureed peaches along with some habanero and jalapeno to give it a great sweet flavor and little kick.  Our “Authentic Black” is made with pureed Black Cherries, Habanero Pasilla and Serrano, with a very rich taste.  Our latest release is “Zing Bling” made with Lime Juice, Ginger, Lemon Drop Pepper and Habanero... delicious on Asian food and fish! 

New releases are our “California Zen” (great new twist on a Curry Sauce), “Rakel's Revenge” our Super Hot ( Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Pasilla and other peppers) and “Davy Jones' Locker”, (a Pineapple based Habanero sauce).

Our new California Zen and Rakel’s Revenge have been the favorites at recent tasting events.  The California Zen is again a very different twist on Curry, with several other spices to give it very unique flavor.  For real Hot Sauce lovers, our Rakel’s Revenge has been a huge hit.  The combination of Trinidad Scorpion Maruga, Pasilla and Serrano, give it real natural heat and a great and unique flavor.

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