Born to Hula - Reaper of Sorrow

Born to Hula

About the Sauce: This is not your ordinary sriracha hot sauce! Born to Hula takes a hotter approach to this Asian-style hot sauce by highlighting the Carolina Reaper. This hot sauce brings tons of heat and flavor to meals where you seek that perfect burn. Explore Born to Hula's Habanero Ancho hot sauce and support their independent hot sauce business that was created over 10 years!

Uses: Splash some fiery sauce onto your tacos, burger or wings. And challenge some friends with a spoonful of this reaper sauce!

Heat: Hot

Ingredients: Red Jalapeno Pepper Mash ( Red Jalapeno Peppers, Salt), Red Wine Vinegar, Water, Tomato Paste, Reaper Pepper Mash ( Reaper Peppers, Vinegar), Lemon Concentrate, Garlic, Onion Powder

Size: 5 oz bottle

Maker Story: Born to Hula was started in 2010 by Ed Bucholtz, almost 15 years after graduating from culinary school in NYC. With a honed skill for pairing flavors and spice, Ed started playing around and immediately came up with its first 3 products: Cayenne, Habanero Ancho and Habanero Guajillo.
They have learned a lot about creating new flavorful hot sauces along their journey and continue to do so as their company grows. The hot sauce community has been a wonderful family of people that was helped and encouraged them along the way.
Born to Hula continues to roll out new products out of the Garden State to tickle your taste buds and spice up all of your favorite dishes. Learn about more about the Born to Hula story here

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