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Electricity from authenticity, Big Red's & Brian Ambs - November 2020

Hey there!

This month I wanted to share a little bit about confidence and even take a crack at explaining where my electric buzz of passion comes from. 

I thought it was an appropriate time to share, as many of us are searching for inspiration as we come into the winter months. However, I also had some internal realizations stemming from a conversation we just released on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast with Paul and Tasia of Big Red's Hot Sauce.

I met the Big Red’s crew at the PDX Hot Sauce Expo last summer. The energy and fun they brought to their booth was contagious as they led a big group of enthused chiliheads on the Flavor Tour!

I interviewed Paul and Tasia earlier this week, and I’m not sure if I was just so locked into our conversation, or if they were spitting straight fire for 60 minutes! (I think it was both!)

Either way, Tasia wrapped up the podcast episode with some great advice for those looking to improve themselves or have big goals on the horizon.

“Know your why. It’s going to be hard, challenging, but when you work hard, it takes something away from you, in a good way.

And when you do that, you have so much pride and confidence in yourself. And you keep climbing. But you have to bet on yourself. And if you can’t bet on yourself today, work on yourself.”

Here is the full interview with Big Red's Hot Sauce on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast along with themost amazing hot sauce remix by the BigRed's crew that has me playing Motown for my next hot sauce cook!



Confidence will always bounce up and down. Last month I detailed an insane harvest and production stretch with Craic Sauce where I needed to tap into my driving why.

When you put that passion into your work, it evolves and comes out somewhere else, whether that be in a relationship or in my recent case, a bottle of hot sauce.

It was cool to see Brian Ambs, an awesome hot sauce reviewer, say how my personality came out purely from the taste of our hot sauce. You can check out the really fun review of my Craic Sauces here:

My confidence made a jump after an influx of positive comments from the review, but it's all about keeping that consistent focus on your why!

What motivates me with the craft hot sauce community is hearing the wide range of goals and sources of passion, so I'd love to hear from you and what you're working on as we come towards 2021.




Brian Ambs Reviews Craic Sauce

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