Benito's Hot Sauce - Mango Habanero

Benito's Hot Sauce

About the Sauce: Mango Habanero hot sauces bring heat and even more flavor, and with local sourced produce, this sauce is off the charts! Benito's Mango Habanero has a blend of organically grown habaneros from Foote Brook Farm in Johnson, VT and organic mangoes. This sauce will bring so much fruity and citrusy flavor and heat to your favorite meals. Support Benito's and local VT farms by trying this Mango Habanero Hot Sauce.

Uses: The fruity heat from this sauce will be thoroughly enjoyed with fish tacos and on any kind of chicken. Try it on grilled shrimp skewers and whitefish.

Heat: Medium to hot

Ingredients: Orange Habanero Peppers*, Mangos, Onions, Carrots*, Red Peppers, White Vinegar

*Certified Organic Ingredient

Size: 5 oz. bottle