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Video interview on crazy hot sauce journey - December 2021

Hey there,
Have you been running around like crazy lately? I was before I got knocked on my butt with a cold. It just so happened I was a guest on 'Offering Something' the night before I got sick.
I brought the energy to a super fun interview where I got to share my hot sauce journey. If you need to slow down for a bit and/or looking for some hot sauce inspiration, view it on YouTube here!
Our most recent craft hot sauce profile shares the story of how an entrepreneur in Chapel Hill, North Carolina brought a spicy, locally harvested recipe cooked by four generations all in the same kitchen to market! Read Samantha's story about Cottage Lane Kitchen here.

New to the Shop!

P allotta Hot shared their craft hot sauce story with us in 2018, but at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo we picked up my favorite three sauces of theirs and they are available on our shop for the first time. They have a classic Louisiana style sauce, a well balanced flavor verde, and a crazy unique & hot chili inspired sauce, Chili Moon. Check out their sauces and story here!
Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!

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