Craft Hot Sauce - Box ‘O Sweet Heat

Craft Hot Sauce

For those who like a fruit forward sweetness to go with your heat, this box is for you. 

40 Shades of Green Chilli is a super flavorful mild, verde hot sauce made by Craic Sauce. It has 18 locally sourced ingredients including peaches, tomatillo, green apple, cilantro and a blend of green chilli peppers, perfect for breakfast foods ranging from oatmeal to eggs! 

You can kick up the heat a bit more by trying the Habanero Mango sauce from Small Axe Peppers. On the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast we learned that they source all their peppers from community gardens and re-invest the proceeds back into these community gardens. You can enjoy this urban garden sourced sauce on all your meals knowing there’s community and collaboration behind every bottle. 

We have to save the sweet flavor of the datil pepper for the last course. The Datil Pepper has a very unique sweet flavor that is almost entirely grown in St. Augustine, Florida. Dat’s Nice is a perfect sauce to blend in with your dinner to provide a nice base heat and followed by the sweet finish. If you’ve never tried a datil pepper sauce before, you’re in for a treat! 
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Vendor: Craft Hot Sauce