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Craic Sauce - Barrel Aged Bundle

Presenting the most complex and fiery editions of the Mill City Red and Brian Boru's Curry, crafted in collaboration with Deacon Giles Distillery (Salem, MA) and Bully Boy Distillers (Boston, MA). 

Our fermented hot sauces have been enhanced with the addition of barrel aging, creating a blend of flavors that elevates these sauces to a whole new level.

Mill City Red aged 8 months in a Bully Boy Distillers whiskey barrel and our Brian Boru's Curry in a Deacon Giles Distillery former rum barrel.

Bundle contains (1) flask bottle of barrel-aged Mill City Red and (1) flask bottle of barrel-aged Brian Boru's Curry. 

About the Brian Boru's Curry Barrel-Aged Sauce:A bold fermented curry style hot sauce buoyed by aging in a former amber rum barrel from Deacon Giles Distillery. Tangy, spicy, floral and rich, this complex sauce is sure to elevate any food.

Brian Boru's Curry Ingredients: Massachusetts-grown chilli peppers (Hungarian Hot Wax, Scotch Bonnet, Carolina Reaper), Apple Cider Vinegar, Sungold Tomato, Coconut Milk, Shallot, Onion, Carrot, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Galangal, Water, Lemongrass, Salt, Garam Masala. 

About the Mill City Red Barrel-Aged Sauce: This sriracha-style, fermented hot sauce is hotter than its original counterpart and elevated by an eight month age in a Bully Boy Distillers Whiskey Barrel. Tangy, smoky, with a subtle sweetness and nuttyness. 

Mill City Red Ingredients: Peppers (Cayenne, Fresno, and Red Habanero), Onions, Golden & Chioggia Beets, Vinegar, Garlic, Water, Salt. 

Size: 6.7 oz Bottle

*bottles may not have wax seal because our wax order is delayed right now

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brian of craft hot sauce

Craic Sauce Story

Brian Ruhlmann, founder of Craic Sauce, discovered his passion for craft hot sauce after experimenting with making his own batch of hot sauce with ghost peppers grown in his own backyard in Massachusetts. That year in 2014, after moving to Ireland, Brian started his website, interviewing hot sauce makers all over the world for his podcast and blog. 

Three years later, after constant inspiration from his website, Brian started his own brand of hot sauce, Craic Sauce, following his move back to the US. Pronounced “crack,” craic is an Irish word that means good times and fun. Having good craic was the guiding light of his new business, a value that is still essential to Brian and his team today, who make their flavorful and unique hot sauces by hand in Lowell, Massachusetts.