About the Sauce: Banana lovers brace yourself! This hot sauce brings together a blend of chipotle and arbol chilis and adds unique combination of banana and spices. This sauce brings some extra heat than the Bombanana Original hot sauce.

This is a funky bizarre hot sauce that totally works and must be tried on Mexican cuisine. Support these U-Mich hot sauce entrepreneurs and try this unique hot sauce.

Uses: Spice up your sandwiches, potatoes and salads with this robust take on banana hot sauce.

Heat: Medium

Ingredients: Vinegar, Water, Banana, Spices, Salt, Arbol chilis, Chipotle chilis, Xanthan Gum

Size: 5oz Bottle

Maker Story: Like many things in this world, BOMBANANA Hot Sauce began as a happy ‘accident.’ The UMich co-founders started crafting what would become BOMBANANA Original, a unique blend of chipotle and arbol chilis, bananas, vinegar, and assorted spices. Their story starts with BOMBANANA Original, but after friends, family, and new customers raved about this hot sauce, co-founders developed a spicier version, BOMBANANA Muy Muy. Turn up the heat!

Read their entire craft hot sauce story here.

Too hot? Find the original and milder version here.