BOMBANANA - Original


 About the Sauce: Banana lovers brace yourself! This hot sauce brings together a blend of chipotle and arbol chilis and adds unique combination of banana and spices.

This is a funky bizarre hot sauce that totally works and must be tried on Mexican cuisine. Support these U-Mich hot sauce entrepreneurs and try this unique hot sauce.

Uses: We suggest you try this sauce the way it was originally used for, family taco nights and big breakfasts. Try on all of your favorite foods!

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: Vinegar, Water, Banana, Spices, Salt, Arbol chilis, Chipotle chilis, Xanthan Gum

Size: 5oz. Bottle

Maker Story: While BOMBANANA Hot Sauce first launched in April of 2020, their story really dates back to 2018 at the University of Michigan, when co-founders Jared Schacter, Jonny Moss, Grant Dukus, and Kevin Bhattacharyya all agreed to become roommates. In their small house, the co-founders decided it would be best to cook collectively, and they subsequently started a cooking rotation. In their first year of living with one another, the co-founders shared countless meals and experimented with a multitude of different flavors.

One night, when preparing al pastor tacos, Jared Schacter decided to make a banana-based hot sauce that would pair well with the tacos. It was an absolute hit, and BOMBANANA Hot Sauce was born!

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