Queen Majesty Hot Sauce - Jalapeño Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce

About the Sauce: This refreshing verde sauce is bursting with a mild jalapeño and lime flavor. The addition of tequila gives it that extra kick to elevate your meals. This well balanced verde hot sauce deserves to be in everyone’s hot sauce rotation.

Uses: It’s the perfect secret ingredient to go in a smoothie or margarita and a great verde sauce for Mexican cuisine.

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: Organic white vinegar, jalapeño peppers, onions, lime juice, raw apple cider vinegar, white tequila, garlic cloves, green apple, ginger root, olive oil, salt & spices.

Size: 5 oz Bottle

Maker Story: Erica says she was the different one. 


At a young age, Erica loved drawing and art and she knew that she’d end up in NYC eventually. She arrived there for the first time when parents dropped her off for college at FIT. 

Erica says NYC embraced being different, and early on she found herself drawn into Jamaican music like “Rock Steady”, Ska, and older reggae. Without any thoughts of playing it for other people she began building up a record collection.

Erica said she knew she’d be doing something creatively and began taking on all types of opportunities from people she met. She was an off broadway stage manager doing lighting, was being trained as a professional makeup artist at Aveda, and ultimately landed as a graphic designer. 

Her co-worker at the time, Eric, encouraged her to play her record collection with him at locations around NYC. Erica DJs under the name Queen Majesty and never says no to a gig. For Queen Majesty, it’s been all about the focus on the artists and learning more about Jamaican music, culture and of course Caribbean cuisine. 

Queen Majesty was making her first batches of hot sauce at the same time. She didn’t look for a hot sauce recipe to begin, just adjusted recipes with the basics; salt, vinegar, and fresh peppers. 

You can read and listen to the full Queen Majesty Hot Sauce Story here.