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Queen Majesty Hot Sauce

Ever since she was young, Queen Majesty founder Erica knew that she was the different one. Erica loved drawing and art, and she saw living in New York City as an opportunity to embrace her unique identity. She quickly became enthralled with Jamaican music like “Rock Steady,” Ska, and older reggae, building up a sizable record collection over her time in New York City. 

Erica knew that her talent lied in creative fields, and she began taking on all different types of opportunities to find her true calling. She worked as a stage manager on Broadway, trained as a professional makeup artist at Aveda, and moonlighted as a DJ. 

While tackling all of her various career pursuits, Erica developed a new passion project: making hot sauce. Inspired to make a flavorful hot sauce without artificial preservatives or added sugar, Erica used trial and error to craft the perfect hot sauce. 

Want to learn more about Erica's story? Listen to the her interview on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast. 



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