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Fraktured - Hot Shiitake

About the Sauce:Fraktured Sauce's Hot Shiitake is a robust and savory sauce the combines the flavors of aged red jalapeño and smoked reaper pepper with shiitake mushroom, tomato and spices. The heat profile has a slow but eventual full reaper build that won't disappoint! One Reaper pepper in every bottle!

Uses: Spice up your ketchup, marinara, cocktail sauce and stews. Dare to give it a go on eggs, burgers, cheesesteaks (yo Philly!) and more!

Heat: Hot

Ingredients: jalapeno pepper, white vinegar, tomato, carrot, sun-dried tomato, onion, salt, shiitake mushroom, reaper pepper, spices

Size: 8oz Bottle


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fraktured sauce cheyne and fiona with bill more

Fraktured's Story

 Fraktured's hot sauce journey was a long time in the making. The Gevard family had held a dream of producing hot sauce commercially for a long time, but the stars finally aligned when the family bought an old German farmhouse that came with a sizable acreage that would be perfect for pepper production. To hone his harvesting skills, Pa Gevard took seasonal jobs with local produce farms. In addition to gaining knowledge in farming, he also met Fiona Palumbo at one of these farms, who eventually became his hot sauce business partner.

After trialing several different production methods, Pa and Fiona settled on a long-aged mash style of hot sauce, as they found that this method produced hot sauces with tremendous flavor.