Fraktured - Firehaus Garlic Sauce


About the Sauce: Fraktured Sauce's FireHaus Garlic is a bold and balanced blend of aged jalapeño, garlic and chipotle. The smoky profile of this sauce works perfectly with the pepper and garlic to fully compliment your favorite foods. 

Uses: Goes great with eggs to wings and everything in between.

Heat: Medium

Ingredients: jalapeno peppers, white vinegar, chipotle, garlic, salt.

Size: 8oz Bottle

Makers Story: Fraktured's hot sauce journey was a long time in the making. The Geverd family had been playing with hot sauce recipes for a few years with the idea of someday producing commercially. The stars aligned when the family bought an old German farmhouse that came with a sizable acreage that had been used for conventional ag. Around the same time Cheyne Geverd made a decision to pivot his career from doing geological work for oil companies overseas to being a farmer. He took seasonal jobs with local produce farms to learn the skills, and at one of these farms met Fiona Palumbo, his eventual partner, whose background also included cooking and (very small scale) hot sauce making.

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Vendor: Fraktured