Gringo Bandito - Original

Gringo Bandito

About the Sauce: Gringo Bandito Original is classic red hot sauce that is a great addition to nearly anything. Dexter Holland, lead signer of the Offspring is the creator of this flavorful sauce. Dexter grew up in Southern California and embraced the Mexican cuisine surrounding him. Try this creamy flavorful red hot sauce to pair with your favorite meals.

Uses: Fans who claim this sauce is their favorite say its best on tacos, sandwiches and chicken. 

Heat: Mild to Medium

Ingredients: Water, White Vinegar, Red Fresno Peppers, Hot Yellow Chili Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Onions, Dried Chilis, Salt, Garlic, Achiote, Spices, Xantham Gum

Size: 5oz Bottle

Maker Story: My passion for Mexican cuisine and culture is really what set Gringo Bandito in motion. I knew I wanted to make a hot sauce that was all-natural and with less salt than I have seen in other brands. I actually started just sorting out my favorite peppers - it was really important for me to pick peppers that give a full-bodied flavor. The first sauce I came up with was the Original Red, it took a lot of time testing several recipes until it was right. 

When I first started to make Gringo Bandito I gifted it to friends and family for the holidays. I got a really positive reaction from everyone and was motivated by them to start selling it. Check it out the Gringo Bandito Story here.

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