Karma Sauce - Ghost Island

Karma Sauce

About the Sauce: Fragrant West Indies curry lures you in. Smooth mustard soothes you. Suddenly the panic of tropical heat takes you. Bravery begs around bite to return to fruity paradise. This Caribbean-influenced hot sauce balances pineapple, mango and other all-natural ingredients with a trio of chile peppers led by the bhut jolokia, or “ghost pepper.” Just a teaspoon will transform any dish!

Uses: A small drop adds adventure to creamy coconut dishes and peril to a round of Mojitos.

Heat: Medium to Hot

Ingredients: Peppers (Habanero, Fatalli, Ghost) Orange Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mango, Pineapple, Organic Sugar, Mustard Seed, Lime Juice, Water, Agave Nectar, Salt, Onion, Curry Spices, Garlic

Size: 5 oz bottle


Vendor: Karma Sauce