Karma Sauce - Bad Karma

Karma Sauce

About the Sauce: Bad Karma takes the signature flavor of the original Good Karma and dials up the hot red pepper, resulting in a refreshing heat that enhances flavors without overwhelming them. The butternut squash and sweet potato give this sauce a wonderful savory base that compliments the burn from the habanero. Try this Karma Sauce classic made in small batches with peppers and produce from the Finger Lakes region.

Uses: Delicious sauce on everything from pork roast to chicken to pasta dishes or even breakfast sandwiches.

Heat: Medium to Hot

Ingredients: Bell and Habanero Pepper, Butternut Squash, Apple Cider Vinegar, Onion, Sweet Potato, New York Honey, Garlic, Salt, Ginger

Size: 5oz Bottle

Maker Story: The Karma Sauce Company, located in Rochester, NY is dedicated to providing delicious hot sauce. Hot sauce that is good for you and a delight to your senses. When their first homemade batch of Karma Sauce was prepared for their group of locavores, the question wasn’t “Can we produce this?” but “How can we not?” 

Karma Sauce preps all of their products in their own micro-factory and grow most of their own veggies (especially peppers) on the Karma Sauce Farm. You can listen to their whole story from their founder Gene on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast.

Vendor: Karma Sauce