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Karma Sauce - Burn After Eating

About the Sauce: This super hot sauce requires top level heat tolerance. Karma Sauce has warned you. A mix of ghost peppers, 7 pot primo, Scorpion, and Reapers light your mouth on fire while bringing a bright and savory flavor. Karma Sauce makes their hot sauce in small batches with peppers and produce grown in the Finger Lakes region. 

Uses: For those that love super hot sauces and pizza, it's a match made in heaven! Also great addition to chicken wings and chili.


Ingredients: Brutally hot peppers, White Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Ajwain Seed, Amchoor, Hing Powder (Rice Flour, Gum Arabic, Asafoetida, Tumeric), Ginger Extract

Size: 5 oz bottle


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Founder of Karma Sauce Hot Sauce Gene

Karma Sauce's Story

Gene has been cooking for as long as he can remember. Gene's dad, a cook in the US army, would help Gene and his mom cook Swedish meatballs or Lasagna whenever he was home, forming some of Gene’s fondest childhood memories. 

Even as his career went in a different direction, Gene kept his cooking dream alive. When he and his wife moved to Rochester, NY, he started a vegetable garden with his neighbors. From the vegetable garden, Gene decided to bring together the produce and flavors from the area into a delicious hot sauce. From there, the Karma Sauce Company was born!

Over the past decade, the Karma Sauce Company has created over a dozen unique and flavorful hot sauces. Looking for something mild? Try a bottle of Karma Sauce's Huhu Piña Sauce. Looking for a challenge? Dive into a bottle of Karma Sauce's Burn After Eating Hot Sauce. No matter your spice tolerance, Karma Sauce has a hot sauce for you.