Pepplish Provisions - Cranberry Orange Clove

Pepplish Provisions

About the Sauce: Do you like the clean, cool, crisp air of autumn and winter? Do you look forward to the wonderful holidays and the dishes they bring this time of year? Well, this sauce brings you a little bit of everything from these two seasons, a wonderful balance of sweet and savory that will go well with ANY holiday meal. However, once our world begins to thaw in Spring, this sauce won’t be coming back until next harvest season!

Uses: This sauce is the perfect addition to hearty holiday meals and a go-to sauce for the Thanksgiving table!

Heat: Mild to Medium

IngredientsOrange juice, Cranberry, Cider Vinegar, Agave syrup, Haberno Pepper, Cane sugar, Water, Sea salt, Onion, Hisiscus, Clove, Ghost Pepper, Spices, Orange Peel, Arrowroot

Size: 5 oz bottle

Maker Story: In 2009, Tim Fraczak thought to himself, "All these hot sauces either melt my face off or lack flavor. Why can't I have both?"

This started Tim down the path of making gourmet hot sauces and experiments slowly evolved into crafted recipes using local grown NYC produce. Tim was a guest on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast and shares the memorable moments from the thrill of taking to the leap, to the extreme burn of capsaicin in a production mistake. Enjoy the wonderful story and sauces from Pepplish Provisions.