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Clark Farm Harvest Hot Sauce

A collaboration between Craic Sauce and Clark Farm to limit local food waste and create bold new complex flavors!

About the Sauce:  With the 2022 fall frost approaching and hundreds of peppers still on the vine, Clark Farm in Carlisle, Mass approached Craic Sauce about crafting a special hot sauce made only with seasonal ingredients from the farm. 

Embrace the sour and tang from this fermented blend of organic hot peppers, golden beets, carrots and red onions from Clark Farm. 

Uses:  Add a teaspoon of this sauce to savory meals to bring a balanced and complex flavor. Great on sandwiches, salads or nachos. 

Heat: 3/10 heat

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Hungarian Hot Wax, Golden Beets, Hellios, Apple Cider, Carrots, Red Onion, Serrano, Jalapeno, Honey, Salt

100% of the produce is from Clark Farm in Carlisle, Mass.

clark farm harvest hot sauce 

Story behind the sauce:  Clark Farm, a real organic farm in Carlisle, is one of 18 Massachusetts farms we sourced from in 2022. A week before the first fall frost they had 400 pounds of peppers on the vines. They didn't have any buyers for the peppers and they were going to have to compost them.

We worked out a partnership to take on their produce (a mix of four types of peppers, golden beets, carrots, red onions) and made a hot sauce that we gave to their 400+ CSA members. We have a little extra to sell and are excited to share this one of a kind sauce with you!

We highlighted the Clark Farm Harvest hot sauce this past weekend at the Boston Hot Sauce Festival and it was the best seller both days! It has an earthy, bitter, balsamic flavor to it. I have really enjoyed the sauce in salads, sandwiches and adding it to savory foods. It almost reminds me of Italian hots. 

It was a fun project for us and the end result limited waste of local produce and created a sauce unlike any one we've made or had before!

Stockists carrying Clark Farm Harvest Hot Sauce

Clark Farm Market - Carlisle

Gormley's Cafe - Lowell

Navigation Brewery - Lowell

Upper Falls Liquors - Newton

Nan's Market - Stow

Ayottes Market - Hudson, NH

The Dining Car - Newton

Summer Street Grocers - Chelmsford

House of Hot Sauce - Winchester

House of Hot Sauce - Beverly

Provisions Trading Company - Ashland

Pamplemousse - Salem

Duck Soup - Sudbury

Expanding local authentic made hot sauce

Help Craic Sauce process more Massachusetts farm sourced produce and build out our relationship driven distribution.

Check out our crowdfunding campaign and short documentary to see how we're growing and how you can get involved.

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