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Barrel-Aged & Fermented

Mill City Red & Brian Boru's Curry

in collaboration with

Deacon Giles Distillery and Bully Boy Distillers

Presenting the most complex and fiery editions of the Mill City Red and Brian Boru's Curry, crafted in collaboration with Deacon Giles Distillery (Salem, MA) and Bully Boy Distillers (Boston, MA). 

Our fermented hot sauces have been enhanced with the addition of barrel aging, creating a blend of flavors that elevates these sauces to a whole new level.

Mill City Red aged 8 months in a Bully Boy Distillers whiskey barrel and our Brian Boru's Curry in a Deacon Giles Distillery former rum barrel.

Bundle contains (1) flask bottle of barrel-aged Mill City Red and (1) flask bottle of barrel-aged Brian Boru's Curry. 

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