Seafire Gourmet - Sweet Pumpkin Chili Sauce

Seafire Gourmet

About the Sauce: Seafire Gourmet brings the warmth of pumpkin, brown sugar and mixes in a touch of extra heat and spice to create a truly unique pumpkin hot sauce. This is a milder sauce that can transform so many meals.

Uses: Great on breakfast foods, pull pork, chicken wings, tacos, and smoked salmon.

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: Red Bell Pepper, Pumpkin Puree, Brown Sugar, White Wine Vinegar, Water, Sale, Habanero Chilis, Spice, Xanthan

Size: 5 oz bottle

Makers Story: Seafire Gourmet Hot Sauces was built on the love of spice and a strong father-stepson bond. Based in Washington, Seafire Gourmet creates high-quality food products with varying levels of heat. Seafire’s father-stepson team started making hot sauce in 2011, using hand-picked chili peppers from Eastern Washington's Yakima Valley to add heat and flavor to their hot sauces. 

Looking for a flavorful and sweet hot sauce? Try a bottle of Seafire Gourmet's Sweet Pumpkin Chili Sauce. Aiming to wage war on your taste buds? A bottle of Seafire Gourmet's Scorpion Hot Sauce may be right for you. Try our selection of Seafire Gourmet Hot Sauces at the Craft Hot Sauce Online Shop.

Vendor: Seafire Gourmet