Silly Chilly Hot Sauce - Serrano & Chipotle

Silly Chilly Hot Sauce

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About the Sauce: The Serrano and Chipotle sauce from Silly Chilly is a wonderful smoky sauce that has a deep flavor from serrano and chipotle peppers.

Uses: Great addition to bread for sandwiches. Also a great addition to BBQ dishes. 

Heat: Medium

Ingredients: Organic Serrano Peppers, Onion, Chipotle Pepper, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Canola Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt

Size: 5 oz.

Maker Story: Sufia, the founder of Silly Chilly Hot Sauce moved to Queens from Bangladesh at the age of 12. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology where she started a career working in the fashion industry.

Some time into her career she got the entrepreneurship bug and wanted to start a mission forward business that would support local agriculture. Sufia was a guest on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast and shares her story and vision for Silly Chilly Hot Sauce.