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Silly Chilly Hot Sauce - Fresh Mango & Sweet Peppers

About the Sauce:Bursting with juicy mangoes and sweet peppers, the flavor falls between fruity and mild aromatic heat to create a tropical twist for your cold and warm dishes. From dipping sauce to dressing, experiment with your favorite dishes and surprise those taste buds!

Uses:  Toss it in whenever you feel like a gentle heat and fruitiness really, but I've enjoyed this sauce for dipping spring rolls and dumplings, and actually mixing it with their habanero sauce


Ingredients: Sweet Peppers, Mangos, Onion, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Canola Oil, Garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt

Size: 5 oz bottle

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sufia owner of silly chilly hot sauce

Silly Chilly's Story

Taking inspiration from Bangladeshi culture, Silly Chilly is a high-quality hot sauce for those who like to take their own path. Sufia, the founder of Silly Chilly Hot Sauce, certainly fits this profile. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and getting a job in the fashion industry, Sufia caught the entrepreneurship bug and created Silly Chilly.

Inspired to support local farmers and agriculture, Silly Chilly is a mission-forward business that creates fiery hot sauces using locally sourced ingredients and produce. While it has never been easy, Sufia has surpassed any obstacles that have stood in her way, creating a wonderful line of hot sauces that truly pack a punch!