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Bayou Gotham - Ruby Rebelle Bourbon Cayenne

About the Sauce: Ruby Rebelle hails from Storyville, red-light hotbed of jazz and vice. One risqué rendezvous with this scarlet harlot will leave you burning with desire as she steals your heart, then robs you blind. Hot ‘n’ dangerous, just like New Orleans.

Ruby Rebelle is a defiant twist on classic Louisiana-style hot sauces as barrel-aged bourbon enhances the piquant flavors of cayenne peppers. 

Uses: Great for a “Bloody Marie” or to dash in your bouillabaisse, this saucy la roux will deceive your senses with painful delight.

Heat: Medium to Hot

Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Cayenne Peppers, Water, Turbinado, Garlic, Bourbon Spices, Kosher Salt, Natural Vegetable Gum, Natural Flavors

Size: 5 oz bottle

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scotty peppers founder of bayou gotham hot sauce

Bayou Gotham Story

For Scotty Peppers, the founder of Bayou Gotham, hot sauce and fresh homegrown produce have been a part of his life since his childhood in New Orleans. His grandfather, Roger Baumer, was a plant manager and brother to Baumer Foods founder Alvin Baumer. Together, they laid the groundwork for turning Crystal Hot Sauce into the bonafide hot sauce empire it is today.

Pepper-making and tolerance for spice run in Scotty's blood. His lineage of hardworking and persistent immigrant farmers has taught him the value of grit and hard work as well as infused him with a strong and fiery entrepreneurial spirit.

Scotty Peppers started his hot sauce journey in early 2019. After a twenty-plus-year career as a successful creative director and rock musician, a temporary slow-down in business caused Scotty to utilize his creativity elsewhere. Scotty took a trip to the Galapagos Islands with his wife and tasted beautiful Ecuadorian cuisine that reminded him of his hot sauce heritage. After his trip, Scotty Peppers began experimenting with and creating hot sauce, and Bayou Gotham was born!