Julz's Creations - Corpse Reviver

Julz's Creations

About the Sauce: The Corpse Reviver brings life to anyone that seeks out the hottest and most flavorful hot sauces. This super hot hot sauce is made from a blend of local sourced peppers and tomatoes. The addition of other savory ingredients and spices like onions, cilantro, black pepper and oregano make this a hot sauce with a lot of flavor in addition to heat.

Uses: A little goes a long way, but it's great in Mac n Cheese, Bagels with cream cheese, burgers and add some to your hummus. 

Heat: Hot to Super Hot

Ingredients: Blend of local hot peppers (Trinidad Scorpion, Jalapeño), white vinegar, local tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime juice, salt, black pepper, cilantro, oregano

Size: 5 oz Bottle