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Julz's Creations

About the Sauce

While Derek Zoolander says it's not very well ventilated down in the coal mine, the poblanos get their own treatment getting charred to bring a wholesome smoky flavor to this mild hot sauce.  For those that are fans of poblano peppers, this is a tasty unique take made with local North Carolina poblanos.

Uses: This sauce brings great flavor to chicken and sandwiches. You can almost use it as a spread since it brings a lot of sweet and smoky flavor without too much heat.

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: Local charred poblano peppers, white vinegar, local onion, salt, local honey, garlic. 

Size: 5 oz Bottle

Maker Story: Julie (more commonly known as Julz) first got involved with harvesting through growing tomatoes behind her house during her childhood. Once she purchased her first house as an adult, she expanded her gardening operations, adding cucumbers, squash, corn, and hot peppers into the mix. Soon, she had more hot peppers than she could eat herself.

This problem turned into an opportunity. Julz made hot sauce and gave it to her friends and family at their next gathering... and everyone loved it! When the opportunity opened up, Julz started her business and began selling hot sauce in the summer of 2019. Julz prioritizes deep, well-rounded flavors in her hot sauces and tries to use local North Carolina produce in her products as much as possible.

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