Bravado Spice Co - Bold Heat & Flavor Bundle

Bravado Spice Co

About the Sauces: A bundle of flavor forward, savory and umami like flavors are packaged together. Perfect for those who love spicy and flavorful sauces. This package contains the Black Garlic Carolina Reaper, AKA Miso with Ghost Pepper and the original Crimson Hot Sauce.

Uses: A very versatile bundle that works well with anything grilled, Mexican foods and to add a lot of heat and more umami flavor to Asian foods. 

Heat: Hot to Super Hot

Size: 3 5oz Bottles

Makers Story: Bravado Spice Co started in 2012 as a small batch hot sauce company in Texas. The four founders grew over the years, each one of them eventually transitioning full time to the hot sauce operation. Bravado cares deeply about customer service, quality & branding and continually innovates with new flavor experiences. You can read their craft hot sauce story here.