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Limited Edition

Merrimack Black

A collaboration between Craic Sauce, F-Word Farm, Navigation Brewery and Andre K Mills

About the Sauce:  Dark as the Merrimack River on a moonless night, this savory sauce uses F-Word Farm hand-crafted vinegar created from Navigation Brewery's Black Pepper Porter, a medley of smoked and caramelized ingredients, with the confluence of heat from the chocolate scorpion pepper. 

It is a thick sauce with a dense flavor. Equal parts smoky, savory and sweet.

Uses:  Add some to a beef stew, great adding to pizza, spread onto a sandwich. Great to cook with and add and mix into food right before eating.

Heat: 5/10 heat

Ingredients: Peppers (Jalapeño, Poblano, Chocolate Scorpion), Onion, Black Pepper Porter Vinegar by F-Word Farm and Navigation Brewery, Prunes, Japanese Sweet Potato, Black Garlic, White Vinegar, Carrot, Water, Ginger, Salt, Brown Sugar, Peppercorn.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes and Ginger sourced from North of Boston Farm and Chocolate Scorpion Peppers sourced from Liberty Hill Farm.

The Story Behind the Sauce

As many Craic Sauce limited edition sauces come to be, it started with a question and challenge. "What should we do with these super chocolate scorpion peppers?" that we recieved from Emily at F-Word Farm.

Emily is a prolific vinegar and fermentation expert and we were enjoying the black garlic she was making. With a few dark/black ingredients, we thought about making a black sauce and incorporating Navigation Brewery and their delicious beers.

The r&d began and we quickly relealized this would be a special one of a kind-hot sauce that is the result of combining the skills and crafts from the different makers involved.

Andre K Mills put the bow on the project and label with his illustration of the scorpion pepper looming over the Merrimack River.

Stockists carrying Merrimack Black

Gormley's Cafe - Lowell

Navigation Brewery - Lowell

Summer Street Grocers - Chelmsford

Applecrest Farm - Hampton Falls, NH (Available 2/10)

Farmer Daves - Dracut

Ayottes Market - Hudson, NH (Available 2/10)

City Feed - Jamaica Plain (Available 2/10)

Merrimack Collective - Lowell

Bolton Orchards - Bolton

Old Mill Coffee House - Chelmsford

North of Boston - Boxford

Assabet Co-op Market - Maynard

Berlin General Store - Berlin

House of Hot Sauce - Winchester & Beverly

Pamplemousse - Salem (Available 2/9)

Leary's - Newburyport (Available 2/9)

The Beer Store - Nashua, NH (Available 2/14)

Ace Hardware - Westford

Lou's Deli - Lowell

Duck Soup - Sudbury

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