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Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce

Founded by culinary mastermind Scott Moritz, Secret Aardvark is certainly not your average hot sauce company. When he was in his late teens, Scott and a couple of his friends came across an editorial in the local paper that was titled "The Nine Ways to Identify a Gang." Scott and his friends found the article to be so ridiculous that they sent a satirical letter to the editor, claiming that they were a part of a gang called "The Secret Aardvarks." 

The editor took their joke seriously and published a warning about the gang. Many laughs and many years later, Scott Moritz deemed that his flourishing hot sauce company was worthy of the legendary name.

Today, Secret Aardvark has a strong nationwide following and sells their hot sauce in stores all across the continental United States. While Scott sadly passed away in 2009, the Secret Aardvark team has kept Scott's dream alive by sharing his unique and flavorful hot sauces with the world. Try a bottle of theSecret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce on the Craft Hot Sauce website. 

Interested to learn more about Secret Aardvark? Tune in to thisCraft Hot Sauce Podcast Episode.

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