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Paulman Acre Hot Sauce

Formerly a craft beer homebrewer, Paulman Acre founder Tim began tinkering with pepper mashes and hot sauces after moving into an apartment with less room for his at-home brewing hardware. Hot sauce quickly became a passion of his, and over the course of six years, he perfected a unique style of fruit-forward habanero sauces that he began calling "Smoked Pepper Sauces." 

Today, Paulman Acre makes hand-made smoked pepper sauces from produce grown on a small urban farm in Oceanside, California. Paulman Acre takes pride in making their hot sauce in small batches from locally sourced ingredients while striving to make the world a more delicious place, one bottle at a time. 

Interested to learn more about Paulman Acre? Click on the link here to listen to their full story on theCraft Hot Sauce Podcast.



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