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Craic Sauce - Merrimack Black

About the Sauce:  In collaboration with F-Word Farm, Navigation Brewery and Andre K Mills, Craic Sauce presents the limited edition hot sauce Merrimack Black.

Dark as the Merrimack River on a moonless night, this savory sauce uses F-Word Farm hand-crafted vinegar created from Navigation Brewery's Black Pepper Porter, a medley of smoked, dehydrated and caramelized ingredients, and the confluence of heat from the chocolate scorpion pepper. 

Uses: Perfect for your savory and protein dense meals. 

Heat: Medium to Hot

Ingredients: Peppers (Jalapeño, Poblano, Chocolate Scorpion), Onion, Black Pepper Porter Vinegar by F-Word Farm and Navigation Brewery, Prunes, Japanese Sweet Potato, Black Garlic, White Vinegar, Carrot, Water, Ginger, Salt, Brown Sugar, Peppercorn. *Contains Gluten

Size: 5oz Bottle

To learn more about the story behind the Merrimack Black check out this podcast about the collab sauce and Lowell Sun Article: This one's for Jack.


Limit of 3 bottles per order to make sure the sauce gets around to people!

brian of craft hot sauce

Craic Sauce Story

Brian Ruhlmann, founder of Craic Sauce, discovered his passion for craft hot sauce after experimenting with making his own batch of hot sauce with ghost peppers grown in his own backyard in Massachusetts. That year in 2014, after moving to Ireland, Brian started his website, interviewing hot sauce makers all over the world for his podcast and blog. 

Three years later, after constant inspiration from his website, Brian started his own brand of hot sauce, Craic Sauce, following his move back to the US. Pronounced “crack,” craic is an Irish word that means good times and fun. Having good craic was the guiding light of his new business, a value that is still essential to Brian and his team today, who make their flavorful and unique hot sauces by hand in Lowell, Massachusetts.