Hotter Than El - Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale Chipotle

Hotter Than El

About the Sauce:  Hotter Than El collabs with local Bold City Brewery combining Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale with a blend of tomatoes and chipotle peppers. What's the result? A rich and enjoyable mild hot sauce with a hint of smokiness. Try the sauce and share your own take of the hot sauce.

Uses: A great every day hot sauce, especially for those who enjoy the flavor of chipotle peppers. 

Heat: Mild to Medium

Ingredients: Diced Tomatoes, Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale, Chipotle Peppers, Red Jalapeno Peppers, Worcestershire Sauce, Worcestershire concentrate (molasses, vinegar, water, spices, natural flavor, garlic powder, caramel color, salt, anchovies, tamarind, sugar, salt) Apple Cider Vinegar, Onions, Garlic

Contains Fish

Size: 5 oz. Bottle

Makers Story: Hotter Than El has been making hot sauces for over 15 years. Before Dino decided to take the plunge and start the business he was making hot sauces for family and friends, then slowly making and selling by word of mouth. Hotter Then El is located in Sanford, Florida and when it isn't COVID times you can see them around a number of hot sauce expos across the country. 

Vendor: Hotter Than El