Dirty Dick's - Caribbean Dreams

Dirty Dick's

About the Sauce: Dick created something unique, addicting and super flavorful when we created Caribbean Dreams. Heat from Habanero joins forces with sweet from peaches, pears and brown sugar, and then a unique twist with the addition of mustard takes this sauce off the charts. 

This award winning hot sauce brings a ton of flavor to your meals and is a must try for those enjoy that sweet heat!

Uses: You must try this sauce with jerk chicken or smoked seafood. Also a great sauce to bring to a BBQ and experiment with all the different flavor combinations. 

Heat: Medium to Hot

IngredientsHabanero Peppers, Pears, Peaches, Pineapple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mustard, Apple Juice, Brown Sugar, Honey and Fresh Ground Spices.

Size:  5 oz

About the Maker: Dick Westover is the maker and creator of Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce in Massachusetts. Dick was making hot sauce with friends and family for a lot of his adult life, but things really took off after his Hot Pepper Sauce started racking up awards at events like the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and then was featured on the show Hot Ones. 

Vendor: Dirty Dick's