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Fartley Farms - 4, Cranberry Habanero

About the Sauce: This Cranberry Habanero hot sauce is Farley Farm's first formal foray into fruit-based sauces. While some have said “this only seems fit for a holiday” we say it’s solid for all seasons. 

Uses: This sauce is tart and tangy, and a great drink additive, turkey sandwich enhancer or salad dressing. 

Heat:More hot than medium

Ingredients: Cranberries, Chile Peppers (Habanero), Orange Juice, Rice Wine Vinegar, Bell Pepper, Water, Brown Sugar, Spice

Size: 5 oz Bottle


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fartley farms hot sauce

Fartley Farms Story

Fartley Farms founder Ron first developed a love of hot sauce as a way to spice up bland meals in his Boy Scout troop. However, even with a growing passion for hot sauce after using it to spice up many dull on-the-road meals, it didn’t go so well the first time Ron tried his hand at making his own. A sauce made primarily with Carolina Reaper seeds was too hot to be edible, let alone tasty and desirable. 

Ron tinkered with his recipes until he struck a careful balance between his ingredients, resulting in Fartley Farms' first hot sauce. Since then, Ron has created a flavorful set of unique hot sauces that will satisfy almost any hot sauce aficionado.