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Hotter Than El - Ghost Sauce

About the Sauce: Hotter Than El's Ghost Sauce is a full bodied hot sauce with tomatoes, carrots and onions bringing in a fresh salsa like flavor. The ghost peppers in this sauce bring in a creeping heat that isn't overwhelming. Try this classic Ghost Pepper Sauce made by Florida-based Hotter Than El.

Uses: Try this on eggs and bread or spice up soups or stews with Ghost Sauce.

Heat:Medium to Hot

Ingredients:Distilled Vinegar, Diced Tomatoes (Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Salt), Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Jolokia Peppers, Salt

Size: 5 oz. Bottle

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Hotter Than El's Story

Hotter Than El has been making hot sauces for over 15 years. Before Dino, the founder, decided to take the plunge and start his own business, he was making delicious hot sauces for family and friends. People loved his sauces, so Dino decided to sell them commercially! 

The Hotter Than El team prides themselves on not just making HOT hot sauces, but sauces with flavor and zest to back up the heat. Hotter Than El sauces are packed with flavor, and they are sure to satisfy the taste buds of any hot sauce aficionado. Try a bottle of the Hotter Than El Ghost Sauce (featured on Brian’s picks) or any of the other Hotter Than El hot sauces, and you certainly won't be disappointed.