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Fartley Farms - 8, Scorpion Garlic

About the Sauce: Fart Murmur is the hottest hot sauce Fartley Farms has made to date! The scorpion peppers is front and center, and the only thing that tones the heat down is the garlic that is present. A perfect hot sauce for all out chiliheads and garlic lovers!

Uses: If you're up for the heat, give this a try on a brat or mac n cheese!

Heat: Super Hot

Ingredients: Scorpion Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt

Size: 5 oz Bottle


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fartley farms hot sauce

Fartley Farms Story

Fartley Farms founder Ron first developed a love of hot sauce as a way to spice up bland meals in his Boy Scout troop. However, even with a growing passion for hot sauce after using it to spice up many dull on-the-road meals, it didn’t go so well the first time Ron tried his hand at making his own. A sauce made primarily with Carolina Reaper seeds was too hot to be edible, let alone tasty and desirable. 

Ron tinkered with his recipes until he struck a careful balance between his ingredients, resulting in Fartley Farms' first hot sauce. Since then, Ron has created a flavorful set of unique hot sauces that will satisfy almost any hot sauce aficionado.