Super Hot Hot Sauce Box

Craft Hot Sauce

This box is for those who like it HOT! Like super f'ing HOT!

In this Super hot hot sauce box, we obviously had to include "Love Burns" by Hotter Than El. This hot sauce has southern heat with 7 Pot Primo, Carolina Reaper, and Scorpion Peppers. 

The keep the heat going with Moe Mountain's Hot LAVA sauce, a tomato based hot sauce with ghost pepper and spice. The first ghost pepper hot sauce you'll thank for cooling things down. 

On the third spot, Inferno Farm's Allimunaughty hot sauce will give your naughty little tongue the lashing it deserves, your taste buds will be crying “Thank you sir, may I have another!” (Inferno's Farm's words, not mine!) This sauce brings together the Carolina Reaper with fermented black garlic, making it one of the most unique super hot sauces out there.

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Vendor: Craft Hot Sauce