Paulman Acre - The White Pod

Paulman Acre

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About the Sauce: The White Pod is Paulman Acre's take on a coconut ginger sauce and features an explosive combination of White Habanero, White Bhut Jolokia, coconut, ginger and basil. Pair with poultry, seafood, rice, noodles, soups and eggs.

Heat: Hot

Ingredients: White Habanero & White Bhut Jolokia, Onion, Vinegar, Water, Coconut, Lime Juice, Ginger, Basil, Chile Peppers, Agave Nectar, Salt, Coconut Oil.

Size: 6 oz. 

Makers Story: Tim used to be a home brewer, but when he moved into a smaller apartment and didn't have space for all of the homebrewing hardware, he began tinkering with pepper mashes and hot sauces. Over the course of half-a-dozen years, he had honed in on a unique style of fruit-forward habanero sauces that he began calling "Smoked Pepper Sauces". 

Paulman Acre makes hand-made Smoked Pepper Sauces in small batches of 20-25 gallons and believe in the merits of slow food and quality of production. At their home base, they've got approximately 1 acre of land that they are using to grow pepper pods for use in our test prep kitchen. They are constantly trying new ideas and combinations.

You can listen all about the story of Paulman Acre and their experimental approach on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast. 

Vendor: Paulman Acre