CaJohns - Firehouse Hot Sauce

CaJohns Fiery Foods Company

About the Sauce: Firehouse Hot Sauce is must try hot sauce for those that love red Louisiana Style Hot Sauces. This award winning hot sauce isn't anything too crazy, but it has a perfect blend of red chili peppers and garlic, vinegar and spices. Try this classic craft hot sauce to see how it ranks with your favorite sauces.

Uses: The Firehouse Hot Sauce is a great everyday use hot sauce made with all-natural ingredients. 

Heat: Medium

Ingredients: Vinegar, Cayenne Chiles, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, Chile Caribe, Habanero Powder, Lemon Extract, Spices 

Size: 5 oz Bottle

Maker Story: John Hard, founder of CaJohn's Fiery Foods Company, knows his way around hot sauce. After years of cooking and experimenting with hot sauce and giving it to friends and family, John started CaJohn's Fiery Foods Company, intending to add a little more spice and flavor into the lives of people from all around the globe.

Many years later, John has certainly achieved his goal, producing a diverse and flavorful line of hot sauces sure to satisfy almost any hot sauce aficionado. Try a bottle of CaJohn's Firehouse Hot Sauce at the Craft Hot Sauce Online Shop.