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In 2014 I started this website right after I made my first experimental batch of hot sauce and only knew of a few different varieties of chili peppers. My passion and education about craft hot sauce developed from folks like you sharing your stories, inspirations and advice with our growing community.

We originally started sharing stories through Craft Hot Sauce Profiles. We've had over 100 hot sauce companies write craft hot sauce profiles from over 30 countries. We are still looking for folks like yourself to share your story and write a post guided by some prompts and questions that I can share with you. 

In 2015, I recorded my first podcast in a hostel in Berlin with Crazy Bastard Sauce. I've learned so much and developed some life long relationships through the podcasts. It takes awhile for me to prep and the edit these podcasts so I can't interview everyone, but I enjoy sharing our conversations with our dedicated listeners. 

We've had others share recipes or just write a blog post about a lessons learned or subject that contributors feel passionate about sharing. I'd love to learn more about what gets you going and have it shared on our site for our community. We can explore new things as well if you have something else in mind. 

Please fill out the form below so that I can get you the necessary info to you. Thank you for being a part of Craft Hot Sauce.