Fermented (super-hot) hot sauce inspiration

Here is some hot sauce inspiration from Jonathan, one of our craft hot sauce box subscribers

This sauce was less planning and more a surprise delivery of frozen peppers from a friend. She has been growing super hot peppers for a few years now and uses them to make pepper jelly and cowboy candy. The mix of peppers she brought me ranged from ghosts all the way up to reapers.

One of my favorite sauce types has always been fermented (love that tang!) But I've had mixed successes fermenting frozen, so in equal parts by weight, I added in Fresno, Red Thai, and habanero for flavor. Finally, I tossed in garlic, ginger, and onion and fermented the mash for about 5 months.
Honestly I would have gone longer but my bubble wasn't moving any longer so I called it done to be safe. I blended the mash with just a distilled white vinegar for liquid and acid content and got the pH down below 4.5, and sterilized and bottled a tester.

The next day I went to use the sauce and it was WAY too thick with no way to pour it out, and tapping the bottom caused a cascade of sauce! This wasn't the first time this one happened to me so I added in more vinegar and a splash of purified water to get it to a more sauce-like consistency. I bottled the next tester and we had success!

Here's are some pictures start and finish plus the basic fermentation setup I used in the process!

The reaper and scotch bonnet both kinds have a more floral taste to them. The ghost pepper has always tasted more fruity. I like to play with the balance between them to get that pepper forward flavor that still won't overpower your food. 
I put a good teaspoon with some mayo on a sandwich and OMG man I'm telling you what a combo. Haven't figured out the name yet though!
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